Monday, 14 February 2011

Few words about Nokia

I find it a bit funny, day after I have published my first post, saying:
“About two years ago I said goodbye to my old good Nokia’s set of phones who served me well since 1996…” and
“It is true that now with windows mobile 7 I could have find my ‘natural place’, but I don’t feel like developing to it, yet.”

If I would like to give my opinion, I would say that the paragraph below, taken from arstechnica describes it best from my view:

"Whether this deal can save Nokia is a question that's difficult to answer, but it's clear that the company's ambitions have diminished. Adopting Microsoft's platform puts Nokia in the unenviable position of being dependent on Microsoft and the success of Microsoft's fledgling mobile platform."

And back to my ‘new mobile developer’ point of view, the good news,
One OS less to support ! J
Goodbye Symbian.

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